Integrity is the foundation of our practice.
We believe integrity is what makes great professionals, and we don’t take this lightly. At Ravan & Company, everything we put our name on is a reflection of our integrity.

Fairness is the key to the way we treat our people.
We believe that treating people fairly does not mean treating everyone the same. It means taking the time to understand each client and employee’s specific situation and needs, and giving each person an equal chance to succeed.

Social responsibility takes our caring outside the firm.
We believe it’s our individual and collective responsibility to care about our communities. Our community involvement includes firm investment and individual commitments of time and energy by employees at every level.


We want to make a difference and create value for our community, for our clients and for employees. All are equally important to us.


The firm will grow as we serve selflessly to our clients and raise our employees to their full potential. We want to be the pioneers, the trusted advisors and the role models of our industry. Tides will raise all boats.